How A Swap Works

Swaps are straightforward and fun to attend. Here’s a quick guide to what you can expect.

Bring along up to 15 items that are clean and in good condition. They don’t have to be perfect – a missing button is ok – as long as it is something that is easy to repair. We aren’t bothered about the label – we are not going to grade your clothes – they are all welcome!

We only accept women’s clothes at this time but we are happy to accept clothes, shoes, hats, gloves, scarves and belts. For hygiene reasons, we can only accept lingerie, swimwear and nightwear that is unworn and still has the label attached.

We’ll give you a Swap Card and you’ll get a stamp on the card for each item that you bring. A suit will get you two stamps because the jacket and skirt/trousers may be taken by different people but shoes and gloves get one stamp because they’ll obviously be swapped as a pair.

You pay at the beginning of the swap when you check in with your items. You can bring up to 10 items for £5. We open the reception desk ahead of the swap so that you are not held up in a queue when the swap begins but you can check in at any time during the swap.

There’s no rush! We bring a large stock of items with us and the number of items can’t go down during the swap because no one can take more than they have brought.

Once you’ve found some items that you love – just take them to the desk and we’ll check the items off your Swap Card. (Many of our venues have a place where you can try them on if you wish). If you don’t use all your stamps, you can use add them to your new stamps if you come to a future swap.