Our Top Five Finds

These are our favourite finds – all from swaps that we have attended as swappers, not organisers. Remember the more swaps you go to, the luckier you get!

Sarah G

My Black House Of Fraser Dress

I’ve chosen because this was the dress that made me realise that I could use the swaps to experiment with new styles. It’s a really flattering fit in a silky material with a high waist. It has a black bodice and a rose print skirt. I loved it even though I ‘never’ wear black and I ‘don’t do’ florals.

The other thing that I discovered by going to swaps is that the size on the label is pretty irrelevant. The ‘smallest’ item in my wardrobe is a grey knit dress which is labelled ‘Aged 8 Years’ which I misread for Size 8, the ‘largest’ is a bright red cardi which is labelled ‘XL’ but both are a perfect fit!


My DKNY Jeans

I’ve chosen these to show that it’s possible to find things at swaps which can be tricky to find even in a shop. I have endless problems finding jeans to fit me but I’ve had around 4 great pairs from swaps.

(Don’t expect to find lots of designer things at swaps though – most of us buy things from the high street – and the things that we buy are the things that we swap. My second favourite jeans are from Primark)


My RBK Rucksack

I love bags. I think I even love bags more than clothes so I’ve had many from swaps. I’m actually just about to break out my new spring bag – a yellowy green M&S one (swapped obviously!) but the rucksack has had the most use. I’ was looking for a rucksack at the time and luckily one turned up so I’ve chosen this to show that you can find things at swaps that are on your ‘must buy’ list.


My Full Circle Jumper

Of course, you can also find things that you didn’t know you needed! This jumper has an intricate pattern on the back with tiny beads sewn in. Actually, Sarah nabbed this at a swap but then decided that it wasn’t for her and she brought it to another swap. I’ve chosen this to show that even if you miss out the first time, you will sometimes get a second chance. Sometimes an item is chosen and then put back a few minutes later in favour of something else but even if it is taken home – you may get another go. 


My Gap Long Sleeved Top

I’ve chosen this just to represent the many ‘basics’ that the swaps have added to my wardrobe over the years. Lots of t-shirts, sweatshirts and vest tops have passed through my hands – although not spectacular items, they have allowed me to keep my clothes budget for more exciting finds.

It was really difficult to choose a top five to be honest because there have been so many great finds – my Monsoon black silk halterneck, my Coast white silk dress, my Clarks fawn suede ankle boots, my white demin jacket, my cable knit jumper etc…you get the picture!

Sarah KD

My Scandi-Knit Jumper!

It’s quite a Christmassy little number so only comes out for 2 months a year but I think that makes it even more of a treat to wear. I always get compliments on it and it’s super cosy.

You can often find good quality and barely worn knitwear at clothes swaps because many people tend to want new and different woollies each year because the winter feels so long and you get sick of wearing the same thing all the time.


My Red Tartan Scarf

My Red Tartan ScarfI chose this to show you can pick up some great accessories, and also because I spoke to the swapper who used to have it, who was very pleased it was going to a nice new home.

Even though it’s got a few different colours in it, it’s the sort of thing that you can throw on with any outfit.


My ‘Interview Jacket’

My Interiew JacketI don’t do much of the sort of work that requires me to look formal (thank god) but sometimes I still need to pull together a smart look for an interview. This jacket is perfect because it’s not in the normal grey or black you tend to find blazers in but a lovely dark green. And it got me a job!


My Navy Floral Dress

This dress is so versatile and I’ve worn it on summer holidays and at Christmas. It never creases and has an elasticated waist so it always fits!

Dresses are another thing you will find at swaps in a barely worn state or sometimes even with tags because we women tend to buy them for occasions like parties and weddings and then don’t want to be seen again in the same thing!

And sometimes of course we buy dresses hoping they will fit as soon as we get around to losing that half a stone, but somehow we don’t and that tag stays on!


My Posh Rigby & Peller Bra

Now some people might think it’s a bit grim wearing a second-hand bra, and normally I might agree but I’m a bit of an unusual bra size and so when I spotted a very pretty, barely worn lacy thing just sitting there and it was my size I thought I would take a chance. And it was the best fitting bra I’d ever found! I wore it to death so sadly it is no longer around but you probably didn’t need to see a picture of my underwear anyway!